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When the Sun’s first rays kiss the dew upon pine leaves, your senses awaken to rich hues and vibrant fragrances of wild berries and petals of morning glory. As you walk down the cobblestone pathways with clouds by your side and hear the church bells ring, Kasauli almost feels like a cloudy afternoon in the English Countryside.
People From all over the world come to the place to witness the splendid beauty and rich heritage. The place to witness the splendid beauty and rich heritage. The place is full of tourist attractions and beautiful places. The traditional church, holy temple and beautiful lanes tucked with the pine and chestnut trees own both sides. Kasauli is a perfect holiday destination.
Locational Advantages: 3 KM from Dharampur on NH 22 along the Chandigarh – Shimla Highway. Just 47 km from Chandigarh and 270 km from Delhi. The widening of the Parwanoo Dharampur highway to four lanes has already begun.
Weather: Kasauli has a temperature range of 22 and 6 degrees during most of the year, which is considered ideal, just as the doctor ordered.
Peace: Kasauli does not have the mad rush of Shimla or Mussoorie. You want peace and tranquility amidst chirping birds and the rustle of pines. This is it.

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